what students are saying…

Math has always been a tough subject for me but having Sheila by my side through the process has completely changed the way approach the subject. Sheila makes sure I fully understand the material and does not move on until she is sure of that. Sheila has been an unbelievable help and i am truly thankful to have her as my tutor.

Emanuela F.

Sheila is a great tutor; she if helpful, fun and easy to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and she visibly boosted my math grade. She was able to help me with my two math courses and was proficient in both. Her schedule was flexible and I was able to meet with her around my other activities. I highly recommend Sheila to anyone who is struggling in math.

Maddy C.

Sheila was so incredibly helpful. She helped me with both AP Statistics and AP Calculus AB. Not only did she work through my homework problems with me, but actually taught me lessons if I did not understand them in class. In addition, she went through and reviewed whatever chapter I was working on for both of my classes and printed out additional review packets for me. She was incredibly organized and kept all of my lessons printed out. She also owned and was very familiar with the textbooks I was using, which was great! Her timings were flexible and she wouldn’t hesitate to meet more if I felt I needed more help. Overall, Sheila was an amazing tutor and resource for me.

Sarah H.

what parents are saying…

Sheila is a superb tutor. She knows math like no other and delivers it with incredible ease. Over the past four years, Sheila has gone to extreme measures to match content delivery to our daughter’s learning style. She’s helped improve her math grades from barely passing, to Bs and As.

Sheila is a true professional; consistently punctual and willingly commits time to each session, finishing only when our daughter “owns” the information. As parents, we feel that we have placed our child in very capable hands. She comes to each session with a smile. She’s warm and kind. Today, we think of Sheila as an important and very valued part of our family.

Cindy C.

Sheila worked with my daughter twice a week for two years in Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. She was always able to adjust her schedule to our needs, and she offered extra help before tests. Best of all, Sheila was a great teacher, who helped my daughter truly understand math!

Anne R.

Sheila is very well prepared – she listens to the student’s needs and plans accordingly.  She is very professional and takes her task seriously.  She is reliable and plans her schedule to the needs of the student.  She worked well with my daughter who now is college bound!

Missy M.

Sheila Oh was incredibly helpful in assisting our daughter on a wide-ranging set of math issues for during her last two years of high school.  We found her to be able to connect with our daughter in a very constructive way.  We recommend Sheila very highly.

Russ C.

Sheila Oh is a wonderful tutor.  My daughter was able to pass out of Freshman Algebra after just a few months of tutoring with Sheila.  I highly recommend her.

Cindy O.