Wouldn’t it be nice to just get it?

Whenever you pick up your book. Whenever you are given a hard problem by your teacher. Whenever you have a long assignment to complete.
The light bulb goes off and you say…

“Oh, I get it!”

I’m Sheila Oh. I am an accomplished teacher and tutor with 15 years of experience. I have a true passion for learning, as shown by my academic background. I love helping students gain the confidence needed to excel in their academic pursuits. I work with students to not only memorize concepts for a test, but also internalize and truly understand the complexity of the subjects they are studying. I hope to pass this same love of learning on to my students.

Some fun facts…

  • Since 2003, I have taught over 400 students in grades 5-12 and college. I have also logged over 750 hours in tutoring sessions.
  • I used to teach at Newton Country Day School and Jesuit High School.
  • I also taught at Northwestern University – Center for Talent Development’s Saturday Enrichment Program and Equinox program.
  • I have four degrees – BA Economics, BA Music, MA Ethnomusicology, and MS Computer Science.
  • I love learning! So, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I’m currently taking graduate level math courses at Northwestern University.

Not convinced yet? Well, check out what my students (and their parents) are saying about me!